The tendency to acquire material wealth and leisure life pushed into the background more important thing for all being in the earth-health.

In the north of Kosovo, in the municipality of Zubin Potok, surrounded by mountains, like a pearl in the middle of the Balkans lies the Lake of Gazivode. An artificial lake built to solve problems of energy supply, water supply and irrigation for many people was gigantic venture of seventies. Clean and unpolluted water of the Ibar River, springing from the Hajla Mountain, in Rozaje (eastern Montenegro) flows into the lake covering area of 11.9 km2, including the area of Tutin municipality in southwestern Serbia and the municipality of Zubin Potok in the north of Kosovo . The lake is 24 kilometers long, the height of the dam is 107 meters, it is basically 460 meters long and 408 meters long.
Apart of being the spring of drinking water for many peoples in Kosovo, by being rich in various kinds of fish, the Lake of Gzivode represents fishing paradise. The perch from the Lake of Gazivode is famous all over the Balkans. The ideal terrain for walking and hiking around the lake enriches its potential.

Without any polluter from its spring until the dam water from the lake is taken to the water factory in Mitrovica from where it is distributed for further consumption. Mitrovica, Vucitrn, Zvecan, Srbica use drinking water from this lake. The other channel is taking cold water all the way to the power plant in Obilic to cool the system of power production and also to irrigate the fertile fields.

After the conflict in Kosovo, uncontrolled construction of summer houses around the lake ruined the view and disturbed natural harmony. Enjoyment without environmental awareness, personal satisfaction without worrying about others and lack of vision brought tons of plastic waste into the lake.

As the only serious water resort in Kosovo and with the large tourist potential the Lake attracted many people with speed boats and boats using diesel-motors. One can only imagine the damage that these engines make to water and its ecosystem!

The time needed for decaying plastic bottles and bags is about 1000 years. The newest technology makes the bags with decaying time of 20 years. Beer cans need about 50 years. Even cigarette butt needs 6 months. Those who come with children should know that period of decomposition of diapers is from 40 until 500 years.







Are we the last people on earth? What kind of legacy we are going to leave to coming generation? Should we kill each other for drop of drinking water?  A few seconds of our attention can mean a lot for nature. Be aware!

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